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Are you passionate about the bar & nightlife industry? Maybe you are a food & drink blogger, a bar owner, hospitality rockstar, an industry lifestyle account, craft beer geek, whatever you are we are in search of some passionate people like you to be part of our FLEET to help spread Nightclub & Bar Show around.

We are looking for influential accounts, individuals with a huge tribe that matches the brand’s target market, those industry CONNECTORS. You’ll share info about the show and have your own unique promo code to share with industry pros in your network.  In return, you’ll get a free VIP Pass to attend Nightclub & Bar Show 2017 and rewards (think CASH!!) for at least 5 industry pros that register using your promo code!

How do I Join the Fleet?

After submitting the application form below, we’ll review to see if your content and social media presence is the right fit for the Ambassador Program.

You must have an active social media presence on at least one of the following channels: a personal blog, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with next steps!