The 2018 Keynote speakers will be announced soon!  Each year we choose multiple keynote speakers that play an integral part of the bar, beverage and nightlife industry. Hear from leading experts as they share tips, secrets, challenges and successes that will leave you feeling inspired to propel your business to the next level.

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Past Keynote Speakers

RumChata Diaries: The Making of an American Success Story

Thomas Maas, Founder & Master Blender, Agave Loco, LLC
Monday, March 27 | 12:45pm-1:30pm

Ever wondered what it takes to build your own brand? Thomas Maas will share his story of creating the RumChata formula in his kitchen and the trials of starting a brand truly from scratch. Maas’ expertise in the industry dates back more than 49 years when his love for the distilled spirits industry began as an 11-year-old traveling the world learning about the business from his father.  He will detail what he has learned from the startup experience and lessons that he can impart to anyone who wants to try to become a successful entrepreneur.  From how to get your project financed to marketing your brand with little money, and even getting your product produced and into the market, Tom is sure to leave a mark with his true American success story.

Building an International Hospitality Empire

Neil Moffitt, CEO, Hakkasan Group
Monday, March 27 | 2:45pm – 3:30pm

Nightlife mogul Neil Moffit is here to share his secrets of success, spanning from competitive markets around the UK to Las Vegas.  Gain tips on catering to millennials, booking celebrities and how to promote your club’s talent, whether it be for a small venue or a large nightclub.  Learn from the best how to supersede expectations when it comes to table service and VIP experiences for your guests.

You Can Create Disney Magic Too & The Customer Rules

Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (Retired & Inspired), Walt Disney World Resort
Tuesday, March 28 | 11:00am - 11:45am

If you want your organization to thrive instead of just survive, you must serve your customers with such consistency, efficiency, creativity and sincerity that they'll never want to do business with any but you! Learn how to create magic for your customers by understanding the power of personal leadership and strong management skills.

Six Tips to Grow Your Business, Maximize Profits & Find Your Passion

Kris Jones, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, & Best-Selling Author
Wednesday, March 29 | 11:00am-11:45am

Taking your nightclub or bar to the next level can be tough, but serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Kris Jones will offer proven tips to not only grow your business, but maximize profits and help you find your passion along the way. Jones argues that the key to success in business is to find out what works and then replicate and scale it. In drawing parallels between business and life Jones will be sure to awaken your giant within.


Keynotes Sponsored by Revention

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