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    by Geoff Kleinman
    04/02/2013 // Drink Spirits
    Jon Taffer has become extremely well known as the host of the successful Spike TV series Bar Rescue. On his show, Jon goes into troubled bars and helps them turn things around, often with a few simple tweaks. Some of the bars that Jon Taffer faces are a much bigger project, like Headhunters in...
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    by Chris Reidy
    04/01/2013 // The Boston Globe
    Paul J. Kozub, a Hadley resident who looks to be to vodka what an uber chef is to highbrow cuisine, was selected as one of three winners of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the 2013 Nightclub & Bar Show recently held in Las Vegas. Kozub was cited for his work with his...
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    by Nayely Ramírez y Jean Nakamichi
    03/31/2013 // Cronica
    El rapero CeeLo Green  inauguró la convención anual más grande de entretenimiento que se realiza en Las Vegas, Nevada,  Estados Unidos; el cantante cortó el listón y presentó una bebida que se distribuirá a nivel mundial. CeeLo...
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    03/29/2013 // Sip... Savor... Swallow

    The upper echelons of the mixology world may turn up their collective nose at Nightclub & Bar, the annual Las Vegas convention and trade show, but NCBS remains a barometer and almost unpredictable cross-section of the liquor service industry across the US--a solid reminder that ultra-premium ingredients, hand-crafted cocktails and original recipes are not necessarily the right formula for every venue.


    Pabst. Blue. Ribbooon!

    So for every Uncle Val's Botanical Gin (an excellent addition to any bar) at the trade show, there's also Mama Walker's Glazed Donut liqueur (no comment). For every clever short cut like Fresh Origins' Fennel and Rose crystals, there's, um, the penis syringe, filled with pina colada creme. S.M.H.

    Craft Beer, as one might imagine, had a strong showing ("did you know that a craft beer customer increases check averages by $16?") but so did the expected array of Hot Babes. In fact, one could observe a faultless reverse correlation between the hotness of the servers and the quality of the product. Just compare the babeosity of the Pabst Blue Ribbon dunking booth vs. the servers of the excellent Soul premium Cachaça (not pictured: sorry).

    There were also several impressive technologies, from the clever Beer Pong machines and layered double-shot glasses, to a nitrogen freezing system for garnishes and shots, and a palm sized remote control helicopter with onboard surveillance camera (Big Bouncer Is Watching You).

    New products were everywhere, even if some of them, like Cow Pie and Kahlua Midnight, just seemed like bald-faced copies of existing competitors (Bailey's, Patron XO). If there was an outcry for Maple-flavored Crown Royal, I haven't heard it. But who am I to judge, I raised an eyebrow at Chocovine two years ago.

    Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer dominated the 'celebrity' aspect of the show (CeeLo also made an appearance to plug Tyku), while the week was filled out with seminars, back-of-house tours and of course, lots of parties at Hyde, Marquee, Tryst, Pure, XS, Krave Massive, Bagatelle, even Senor Frog's and Gilley's.

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    The 2013 Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show has come to an end, fuzzy mornings have come & gone, and the attendees have gone home with memories of Anheuser-Busch’s newest golden amber lager, Budweiser Black Crown.  Anheuser-Busch took advantage of having industry...
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    by Erika Blackwell
    03/28/2013 // Your Biz Live TV
    YBLTV met up with Gizmo Beverage’s, Brad Foster, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing at the Nightclub & Bar Show 2013 to experience their award-winning product, Tea of a Kind, at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas March 19-21. Tea of a Kind is the first...
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    YBLTV spoke with Jon Taffer on the red-carpet at this year’s Nightclub & Bar’s 2013 Top 100 at Marquee, the mega-club in The Cosmopolitan. President of the Nightclub & Bar Media Group and Star/Co-Executive Producer of Spike TV’s hit show, “Bar...
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    1. Love the idea of breakfast booze, but bored with screwdrivers and mimosas? Mama Walker’s liqueurs open up a range of possibilities with glazed donut, blueberry pancake and maple bacon flavors. Weird? Kinda! Good? Kinda! And Pernod Ricard just launched the retro-labeled and ironically...
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    by Reality Tea
    03/27/2013 // Reality Tea
    Take a look at what your favorite reality TV stars have been up to for the past week with our all new photo post. Khloe Kardashian  arrives at Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in L.A. Below we have  Andy Cohen  on vacay with his beau, more maternity...
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    by Deanna Rilling
    03/26/2013 // Vegas Seven
    Why every nightclub and festival does not yet have ArcLite trees, I’ll never know. Backing up for a moment, the annual Nightclub & Bar Show was in Las Vegas from March 19-21, seeking to present the best and brightest products for the industry. But the brightest booth by far featured...
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