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One Tequila, Two Tequila, 10?

What goes into the making of tequila? Soil, altitude, plant spacing and sun exposure are crucial factors in determining an agave’s size and flavor. In this seminar, we’ll “dig” into the roots of tequila, exploring how each small step has a big effect on the quality of the final liquid and which tequilas you need to have at your bar. Guests will have the opportunity to compare and contrast distillates from Mexico's different tequila producing regions and will leave with a “deep” understanding of how agave is grown and harvested, the regulations within the industry, and how to maximize the spirit at your bar.

Elayne Duff
Elayne Duff
Expert - Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue ” & Mixologist/Ambassador

World traveler, cocktail guru, James Beard Nominee and spirits expert, Elayne Duff, has been the head mixologist and Spirits Ambassador for Diageo Wine and Spirits luxury portfolio for the past seven years. She studied mixology as a student at the Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR) where she honed her technique under world-renowned mixology experts Paul Pacult, David Wondrich, Steve Olson, Doug Frost and Dale Degroff. Elayne is a champion of top quality spirits, fresh ingredients, and uncomplicated recipes. She crafts cocktails for Manhattan’s top restaurants, bars, hotels, lounges and is currently on a national tour training bartenders at the newly designed Delta Airlines Elite Lounges. In addition, she has designed cocktails for celebrity-studded events including Sean Combs-White Party (New York), NBC Ben Silverman Upfront Event, Nicole Miller’s in store fashion week party and more.

Kevin Alejandro Vanegas
Kevin Alejandro Vanegas
Director of Tequila - Wirtz Beverage

Kevin Alejandro Vanegas has been working in the Beverage industry for over 10 years and has traveled extensively across the world delivering lectures to thousands of people about the history, allure, distilling process and utilization of Tequila.  Kevin is certified by the Columbia University school of Mixology, the Academy of Tequila Catadores, the Mexican Academy of Tequila, and is a certified Catador “ Tequila Taster” by the Academy of Tequila Tasters. Kevin has also trained at la Rojena, Jose Cuervo’s distillery in Guadalajara and the oldest Latin American distillery, Kevin trained with craftsmen from the Agaveros to the Master Distillers. While training in the Highlands of Jalisco with Enrique De Colsa, Tequila Don Julio’s Master Distiller, he learned to distinguish aromas and distillates, including the different minerals in the soils in the five approved states to grow and produce Tequila.

Mar 24, 2014   04:10 pm - 05:00 pm
Bar Mgmt & Bartending
Breakout Session
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