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Neighborhood bars, sports bars, beer bars, dives, cocktail havens, Tiki temples, taverns, pubs, saloons… However it’s classified, this is the educational experience for bar owners, operators and managers, brought to you by Nightclub & Bar Show, the bar industry authority.

From streamlining operations to tracking and cutting costs to mastering marketing and promotions, this is the path to boosted revenue. The journey toward longevity and success in this industry starts with the Nightclub & Bar Show Conference Program, with targeted bar management education sessions.

The very best in this business will teach everything beginner, advanced and expert operators need to know to elevate their venues, staff members and themselves.

Sample of Bar Management Conference Sessions

  • Alcohol Beverage Law Basics
  • 9 Steps to Get Your Team Empowered & Energized
  • Expanding the Party Beyond the Bar
  • Personalizing the Bar Experience: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
  • Thursday is the New Friday
  • Developing a Menu that Resonates with Consumers & Franchisees
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