Each year we choose multiple keynote speakers that play an integral part of the bar, beverage and nightlife industry. Hear from leading experts as they share tips, secrets, challenges and successes that will leave you feeling inspired to propel your business to the next level.

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The Game Changer: Lessons from Ron “Jaws” Jaworski

Ron Jaworski, NFL Analyst and Former Quarterback
Tuesday, March 27 | 11:00AM-11:45AM

When it comes to teamwork—and football—the best defense is a good offense. If you want to protect your brand like an NFL offensive line protects its quarterback, you’ll want to hear from Ron “Jaws” Jaworski. After a distinguished 17-year career as an NFL quarterback, Jaws took his leadership skills from the gridiron to the boardroom as the owner of a professional sports team, a business relationship company and five golf courses. He’s also the author of “The Games That Changed the Game,” which highlights seven games in NFL history that changed the strategies and tactics used in NFL football. Learn what strategies and tactics you can put in place to tackle your company’s challenges.

The Bar of Tomorrow: e-Sports, Streaming & Innovation

Wednesday, March 28 | 11:00am-11:45am

Our industry is in transition.  Moderated by Thom Greco, Chairman of the Advisory Board, this panel will look at the “disruptive innovation” impacting the bar business and what you need to do to capitalize on it.  e-Sports, streaming & evolving social interaction technologies create an entirely new landscape in which you’re engaging your next customer.  Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials present unique challenges and opportunities but let’s not forget the Baby Boomers.


The Bar of Tomorrow Panelists

Bill Dever

Bill Dever, Chief Strategist, Harena Holdings LLC

Nick Fotheringham, Owner, The Nerd

Nick Fotheringham, Owner, The Nerd in Downtown Las Vegas

JT Gleason, Director of Integration Success, Developer Success, Twitch

JT Gleason, Director of Integration Success and Developer Success,

Armando Lanuti, President, Creative Works, Inc.

Armando Lanuti, President, Creative Works, Inc.

Shawn Smith, CEO, Harena Data

Shawn Smith, President, Harena Data

To Dominate, The David Grutman Experience

David Grutman, King of Miami Nightlife
Wednesday, March 28 | 1:00PM-1:45PM

Superstar brand and hospitality developer, David Grutman shares his inspiring story and life lessons about the journey to becoming one of today’s most influential leaders in hospitality, nightlife, and brand development.  David’s message highlights persistence and grit through early years as a young bartender who eventually fights to the top of the toughest industry in the world to build the most famous nightclub in the world, LIV.
Ten years, five more famous brands later; now he’s a brand in his own, as innovators look to David for where he’ll set the bar next.  Rising students, entrepreneurs, and business leaders all draw value from his experiences and lessons.  To Dominate, The David Grutman Experience, is a raw and unfiltered version of David; which is how you always get him: to-the-point, slightly outrageous, and downright motivational. 


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