What buyers are saying

A great meeting of the minds for the nightclub and bar industry - all the industry leaders are here teaching, learning, selling, or buying. It was a great experience! Operations Manager, Quiet Pint Tavern

My first time at Nightclub & Bar Show didn't disappoint! I gained a lot of insight from the workshop sessions and made dozens of impactful connections that I know will serve me and the brands I represent. Marketing Director, Packed House Productions

As a first-time attendee, I was blown away by the caliber of speakers! I've attended countless conferences in my career and have never attended one like this where I learned something valuable at EVERY session I attended. I highly encourage everyone to attend this conference annually. Owner, Thornes Skinner's Pub

The show was a fantastic experience! We are a small, seasonal family owned neighborhood bar and restaurant and it was a way for us to get re-energized for the upcoming season. I would highly recommend Nightclub & Bar Show for any serious bar or restaurant owner. CO-Owner/Manager, Dog Bar & Grill

Nightclub & Bar Show is useful to my business every year - my bar is constantly coming up with new, fun products, games and promotions thanks to the ideas we've gotten by attending! Owner, Porterdale Bar and Grill

Excellent event! Feels like home being with all these bar and industry folk. Can't wait for next year! Assistant General Manager, White Labs Kitchen & Tap Asheville

This was my first time attending and it was absolutely amazing! Butch’s Bar

Our group has been attending NC&B for around 15 years now and we have enjoyed and learned so much over this time to grow our businesses to where they are today! Dan Dreher, Owner, FLB Sports Bar & Casino

Nightclub & Bar Show was amazing! The convention floor was designed perfectly to find all the tools needed. Vendors were exceptional and had all the knowledge for their products. Looking forward to visit in the future!! Garry Dieudonne, Security Manager, CCS Borgata Casino

The Show is the best of its kind - always providing exceptional education, speakers and leading-edge products and information about the hospitality industry and our customers. A must for anyone in the hospitality industry around the world! Tahlia Bavadra, Supervisor, Hotel Coronation

I've been coming to the Nightclub & Bar Show for the last five years and this one took the whole cake. I meet some awesome people at this show. Chief Brian Duffy, Chef Nick Liberato, Chef Keith Breedlove, and Dylan Holcomb, are truly awesome people. I am and will be forever Grateful to all that I was able to learn from them and all the info that they had to give. Thomas Clayton Thompson, Bartender, 8th Street Tavern

Had a wonderful experience at the Nightclub & Bar Show as a first-time attendee. Informative and fun and hoping to go again in 2019. Timothy Bockey, Manager, Captain's Club

We look forward to Nightclub & Bar Show every year! As bar owners, this convention gives us new ideas that we can implement immediately upon returning home! Deborah Taylor, Owner, DS Management

The Nightclub & Bar Show is an excellent platform for bartenders, managers, and operators. There is so much to learn, see, and take-part in. Being in Las Vegas is just a bonus! Doug Radkey, Restaurant & Bar Consultant

The Wynn Nightlife Tour was the highlight of my convention. The pickup was very easy and well organized, once we got off the bus we were greeted by Ronn and the tour began immediately. Having this type of access to the clubs was very informative and I learned a lot. The added bonus was the executive panel with the question and answer session. I look forward to future conventions and being able to take part in this again. Martin Codd, Operations Manager Nightlife & Beverage, Turning Stone Casino

I will use what I learned. I have been inspired to change my venue to operate better. Michelle Hartzell, Bar Manager, Bear River Casino Resort

JEWEL staff set a standard that I highly doubt can be watched by another venue. I felt elite, welcomed, and appreciated. The staff all dressed professionally for the tour and cocktail waitresses even changed outfits multiple times. Bobby Grabowski, Owner, Cedar Lane

Every year, we find at least one new fantastic product and get at least one great idea inspired by attending Nightclub & Bar Show. It’s always worth our time and money to attend! Looking forward to next year! Marya Cunha, Owner, 7 Stars Bar & Grill

The show was awesome! So many connections and information displayed throughout the convention. I walked away with more than enough information. Very satisfied! Will be there next year! Manager, Appeteazers

We have a successful bar and grill in Colorado and have attended the Nightclub & Bar Show the last three years, bringing our GM the last 2 years. Every year we see and experience something new that will work in our establishment, and make several great networking contacts! The convention has defiantly benefited our business....Thank you for the experience! Owner, Lit l Bit Bar & Grill

The Nightclub & Bar Show was amazing! One big party but at the same time a great networking and new product ideas. Owner, Bella Donna Baristas

Great show to get caught up on what is going on in the industry. Most of us are stuck at our businesses for many hours during the week and don't have the opportunity to get out and see what current trends are out there. This show lets you see and experience everything you might want to incorporate into your business.  Owner, Tremont Development Inc.

We come all the way from upper MI to attend because there simply is no greater show for this industry!! This was our second year in a row, and there were different vendors, products, and new technology from last year. We loved the offsite training courses offered this year as well. Thanks for organizing an awesome show! Heather Modell Owner, Asst. General Manger, Remies Bar

The Nightclub & Bar Show was wonderful! The knowledge, experience, networking, fun, and more are priceless! I can't wait until the 2018 show.  Mary M. Morgan, Proprietor, UdrinkImake

This is a place to learn from and meet the leaders in the bar and nightclub industry as well as have a great vacation every year. A don't miss event for me and my team for the last 4 years. Joey Gardner, Bartender, Lions Gate Hotel

Since we began attending Nightclub & Bar Show without fail, we have found new products, technology, and knowledge that we have implemented that is improved our locations. James Young, Owner and Operator, Bout Time Pub and Grub

The Nightclub & Bar Show was very informative and the products coming out we're insane!! I've seen a lot of the prototypes coming out and I hope those businesses succeed in making our industry GREAT!! Thanks for putting on a great show... and see you next year!!! Manager, Keys on Main

I totally enjoyed myself at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show!!! The Southern Gazers Wine and Spirits whiskey tasting was full of informative information. Ralph Aros, Bartender/Manager, Whiskey Dave's

A fantastic way to blend work and play! Eric Figueiro, Bartender, Dive Coastal Bar

A great place to find new ideas! Thomas Gundersen, Bar Manager

The best show in the industry, we improve our business every time we attend. We have doubled our gross revenue in 4 years. Owner, The Lion's Den Bar & Grill

I've been to two so far and I love both times I went. I met so many wonderful people who have taught me more about my craft than any books I have read. Bartender, Wynn Las Vegas

I've been coming to Nightclub & Bar Show for over 25 years and have yet not learned something new that made the show worth the trip.  Owner, Der Biergarten Entertainment

If you're serious about your business, then you most seriously must attend.  CEO, Cleats Restaurants

Great experience and brought a lot of ideas and motivated us to do better in our venue. Owner, District Night Club

For my first time, I was overjoyed with the quality of connections made, the events provided, and the wonderful trade show. This will now become an annual event for me to make. Director, Ally Entertainment, Inc.

Had an excellent time! And learned a lot from Ron Cates in his marketing seminar. Lots of information on products and services. Really enjoyed the vendors available at the expo, they were great with their product knowledge. Loved it! Owner, Mulligans Irish Pub and Grill

Nightclub & Bar Show continues to exceed expectations every year. The love and passion people have for this industry comes alive at the show. There's a reason why we go every year. CEO, Industry

If you can pick-up even one thing in one of these things it’s worth it, well I got a few! Thanks, great job! Fabius Rizk, Partner, Sharkeez Group

Always a blast to see new things and hang out with other service industry people. Jami Ignatious, Manager, Time Out #2, Houston, TX

Great show, year after year! It’s the best inside access to the leading trends of our industry! Dan Dreher, Co-Owner, FLB Sports Bar & Casino Wally's Pizza Bar

Stretched my vision, reaffirmed the things we are doing right, and provided solutions for the things we need to improve on. Returned and immediately started planning the expansion of our bar to serve more patrons. Dave Dayler, Owner, Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon

The Nightclub & Bar Show is a MUST ATTEND if you want to run a successful and efficient operation. The parties, the networking, the products, the speakers, the trade show floor....this event is a true home run! Scott LeMiere, Owner TASTE!

My wife and I have attended 3 years in a row now. Our employees are always excited to see the ideas we come back with, and we have come back with many that have a positive influence on our business. Glenn and Megan Beatty, owners, the Rocky-Tonk, Medford Oregon

I've attended the past 3 years and we always look forward to the Nightclub & Bar Show! Rob Logic, Owner, Bancroft Bar San Diego CA

A very successful event, and it was a great way to be able to grow an existing business or start a new one! Richard Hurt II, Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings

The Shake It Up Competition during Nightclub & Bar Show was interesting, fun and exciting where top bartenders from all around the country competed for a chance to represent the United States on Pan-American and global competitions. The level of talent and creativity was extremely high - everyone participating was passionate about the craft, true professionals and owned an outstanding level of expertise in cocktail creating and proper technique. You could admire the presentation, flavors and mastering skills of everyone competing. As a winner of the 2016 Shake It Up Competition, I'm very honored and will do my best to represent the USA in Japan! No matter what, I will enter this competition again next year. Egor Polonskiy, Beverage Director, Untitled 111, Chicago Il

Overall, the Nightclub & Bar Show was an incredible experience!  The exhibit floor had everything expected and more. There was so much to see, there wasn't enough time for everything- in a good way! There were familiar vendors: MillerCoors, Smirnoff, etc as well as companies I've never worked with before. The nightlife was just as fun and amazing! Ludacris, Major Lazer, Juicy J…Every night was a party! My coworker and I came back to Baltimore with so many ideas to improve our bar and create a more enjoyable experience for us and our guests! Tiffany Hensley, Bartender, Bo Brooks, Baltimore, MD

Was impressed with new technologies on display to increase profits. Daniel Braisted, @VegasInventors

Vitucci's in Milwaukee has been in business since 1934. My grandfather started the business 82 years ago, same building, same family, fourth generation. Still learning and searching for the answers to this ever changing business.  That’s why we are here each year. Can't afford to miss it! Michel Vitucci, Co-Owner, Vitucci's

Simply Amazing! Ron Turner, Bartender, Harrah's SoCAl

I've attended the past 3 years (as long as I've had the bar) and we always look forward to it. When i was shopping for a POS i was able to touch and talk to reps from 10+ companies before I made my final choice...Revention. Rob Logic, Owner, Bancroft Bar San Diego CA

My first Nightclub & Bar Show was an amazing experience. We gained lots of knowledge and ideas from vendors and attendees. Purchasing the items from the vendors was easy and with no hard sales tactics. Donnie Weddle, Elks Refuge LLC, McAlester Oklahoma

My first time at the show-I was blown away. I've heard from others that have attend in previous years how great it is, and there is so much going on, but seeing it myself was a whole other experience. Looking forward to next year! Victoria Cofell, General Manager, Elevation

We traveled from England for the show & weren't disappointed! Great to see aspects of the business from a different country. Will definitely try to get back in 2017! Attendee

A year of excellent exhibits and networking events!  Weeks of meetings can be finalized in a few hours here. Looking forward to next year.  Ryan Myers, CEO, DropZone

A lot of great new products and a place where everyone in the business can network and move the industry into the future. Jamie Bean, Bartender, That One Bar

Everyone who’s anyone was hobnobbing with industry icons and trendsetters to ‘raise their bar’.  Shari Kennedy, Lead Bartender, In The Mix Pub, Nesquehoning, PA

What you get from this show will pay off for many years to come. Heath Campbell, Owner, PV Wings N Things, Pahrump, NV

This one-stop conference expertly covers the entire operations of your establishment. Mary Butler, Manager, Havana Club & Grill, McAllen, TX

The Nightclub & Bar Show opened my eyes to a whole new experience we can offer our customers and ways to keep them coming back while gaining new customers every day. Erika Seneca, Marketing Manager, Armor Inn Tap Room, Ellicottville, NY

A prime opportunity to network with passionate professionals in an industry we all love! Thomas Calabrese III DJ BREEZE

If you think you know it all about the Nightclub industry you should attend the Nightclub & Bar Show and find out how little you know!  Randy Watson

The Nightclub & Bar Show is essential for the growth of your venue! The resources and access to industry professionals is invaluable to a successful business!  Michael McCray, Director of Operations and Production, Beta Nightclub, Denver CO

There is no better resource for our industry then the Nightclub & Bar Show. You name it, it’s here under one roof. Blue Rivera Mixology Consultant (Blue York City Events)

After the show, I was more motivated than ever to get on the ball and try new things with my bar back home... and so far so good! Justin Conrad, Owner, Nash Vegas Bar

Very useful and a lot of information that comes in hand for the future—for your venue and yourself. Andre BouMitri, Bartender, RIO Club, Austin, TX

Amazing! So much to see and experience. An incredible tool for any bar owner or manager. I will be attending every year!  Leslie Roberts, Manager, R Bar and Grill

There is no better way to meet and speak with professional vendors in all facets of the bar and nightclub business. Elaine Danicic, GM, Taste Catering & Eatery taste2900.com

I came to this show because I want to be on the cutting edge of creating value for my customers and to differentiate my business from my competitors. Mission accomplished!!!! Bill Dubiel, Owner, Chill

I loved the trade show - the floor was filled with so many new items and things you didn't even know you needed. We will definitely be back next year. Barbie, Jimmy Geez Sports Bar & Grill

The Show was an excellent forum to brush up on core principles, learn tips and techniques helping others achieve success and discover the latest innovations in products and technology impacting the bar business. Darrell O'Brien, Director of Operations, Moose International

An extremely important show for owners but in particular it is a must show for key staff members. Kevin Ferguson, President, O'Leary Entertainment Ltd.

When you are searching for a way beyond just keeping your business doors open you have to find an edge, something more that helps your business stand out from the rest. The Nightclub & Bar Show offers you those ideas and innovations that can give you that edge.  Patricia Lafayette, Owner, Brewster's Place Bar & Grill

Nightclub & Bar is an extraordinary event in which you are able to see the latest and greatest technologies being put to use at bar locations across the world. Every year I make more and more connections to help grow my business. Bryan Tepus, VP of Sales, ExpiTrans, Inc

I would recommend this event for anyone and everyone in the hospitality industry. The resources, networking, and exposure to new products you receive in just a few short days makes it one of the most beneficial things you can do for your employees and business alike. Can't wait to see what's in store for next year! Gavin Spohn, Bartender, One49North & Chuy's Restaurant

This is an educational experience of a lifetime. As an owner, invest in your team and take them to this event. It’s the staff that's in the trenches that will not only benefit from the classes taught but can tell you as an owner which products being sold at the Expo will help add revenue to your business.  This event is worth every penny. Last year just my former business partner and I went, this year I took my entire team (7 of us total) and next year I'm taking them again! Esau Logan Owner Rack 'Em Billiards & Sports Bar

The Show was very informative—from meeting peers in the industry across the US, sharing ideas to seeing some new and cutting edge products on the show room floor was just another added value why we attend.  This is worth the trip! Robert Gleim, General Manager, Bamboo Willie's Beachside Bar

This is a great Trade Show to attend if you are in the bar business. Great information, great product, and great experiences. Kurt Gomer, Director of Food & Beverage, Coeur d' Alene Casino Resort & Hotel

The Nightclub & Bar Show was very informative, meeting peers in the industry from other parts of the US and sharing ideas to seeing some new innovative cutting edge products on the showroom floor was just another added value why we should attend.  Worth the trip!  Robert Gleim, General Manager, Bamboo Willie’s Beachside Bar, Pensacola, FL