Nightlife Management






Owners, operators and managers who live, breathe and love nightclubs and dayclubs can get ready to start a new educational experience with Nightlife Management conference sessions, built for club owners, operators and managers as part of the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show - the nightlife industry authority.

Take a deep dive into music programming, artist booking, the latest in audio-visual developments, competition-slaying promotions strategies, and so much more. The journey from club impresario to nightlife empire beings here.

Beginner, advanced and expert nightlife and daylife operators will learn everything they need to know to take their clubs to new heights with targeted nightlife management education sessions.

Sample of Nightlife Management Conference Sessions:

  • Make Money with Your Music
  • Expanding the Party Beyond the Bar
  • Thursday is the New Friday
  • Experiential Retailing Ideas for Bars & Nightclubs
  • Preventing Theft Behind the Bar
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