NxT Power Talks

2020 Industry Power Talks

Each year we choose industry speakers that play an integral part of the bar, beverage and nightlife industry. Hear how these game-changers are tackling what's happening 'next' for in hospitality. Guests are demanding their experience be experiential and this line up of power talks aims to inspire the next wave of innovators. 

How to attend?
The NxT is included in all registration passes. 

Fireside chat with Linden Pride of Dante- Winner of World's Best Bar

Tuesday, October 20

Dante in NYC recently won World's Best Bar, an impressive feat given they only opened their doors a few years ago. Hear how this experienced operator built Dante into a destination in NYC that eventually would go on to be known as "The World's Best Bar'. 

Strategies on Live Entertainment

Tuesday, October 20

Entrepreneur Kris Jones and actor Damon Wayans Jr. are attempting to democratize the process of booking entertainment talent. Guests continue to seek out more entertainment when they are visiting on-premise and hear how you can attract A-level talent without breaking the bank. 

Building the Next Big Brand

Wednesday, October 21

Sammy Hagar, the Grammy-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted musician and entrepreneur, shares his insights on branding out from a rock start to a legendary spirits pioneer who has successfully launched multiple iconic brands in the hospitality and spirits industry. Part of Sammy's success is his ability to be at the forefront of the next evolution of consumers' tastes. It's also because he doesn't see these as work but rather passion-driven projects - several of which have gone on to international acclaim. Sammy's latest interest, Santo Tequila Blanco, has showsn incredible growth since its launch in 2018 with partner, Guy Fieri. This is a great addition to his portfolio of spirits, which also includes his award-winning Sammy's Beach Bar Rum and Santo Mezquila. You won't want to miss this discussion and ideas on channeling passion to build your next big venture.