Nightclub & Bar Show Reconvenes in June 2021  

August 21, 2020 – Questex, the parent company of Nightclub & Bar Show scheduled for October 19-21, 2020 inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, has been forced to cancel due to the current State of Nevada virus mitigation mandate limiting group gatherings to 50 people or less.

Nightclub & Bar Show has been the hub for bar, restaurant, and nightlife professionals to come together with their passion for hospitality to learn, grow their businesses, and network with their peers, while building lasting partnerships and friendships. The 2021 edition is scheduled to take place June 28-30, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. This will be the first time in 34 years the event has been forced to cancel. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the current situation and our number one priority remains keeping our entire community safe.   

Our team is working through all the logistics that are involved with cancelling an event. We understand that you will have questions and concerns. All attendee registration tickets purchased for the original Nightclub & Bar Show 2020 dates will be honored for a full credit towards the 2021 event. Exhibitors will be contacted soon with information. Please contact Tim McLucas, Vice President, Hospitality Group, at with immediate exhibitor inquiries.

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2020 Expert Workshops

Workshops are focused, interactive three-hour sessions in the classroom to provide a more in-depth learning experience. Come away with new knowledge and ideas that you can immediately implement into your business. Nightclub & Bar workshops are an excellent way to deepen your knowledge in subject areas that are critical to you!

Limited seating! 
Spots are limited and workshops fill quickly, so register early to ensure your seat.

How to register?
One (1) workshop is included in the VIP Pass or can be added separately to any registration pass for $149.

2020 Workshop Topics Click the link for full workshop description and speaker bio.

WK1: No Nonsense Successful Leadership Strategies in 180 Minutes

Frank Besednjak - President, The Training Source Inc.
Monday 10/19 8:30AM-11:30AM Click here

Fulfilling the role as a business team leader is not as simple as telling people what to do, how to do something and when to do it. Successful leaders understand that there may be times when they are a teacher, a coach, referee, manager, counselor and even caring friend. In this workshop, Frank Besednjak shares his 30 years of knowledge and experience, educating and coaching leaders, that has assisted hundreds of businesses. Frank demonstrates and explains how to use specific processes, methods and proven systems that work to get your team motivated and working together while meeting and exceeding business objectives. You will leave this workshop with the information you need to be a successful leader of people at work, including:

  • Identifying specific personality types that will work with your team when hiring new employees
  • Developing specific employee training program objectives that doesn’t waste time and money
  • Setting up rules and processes that provide consistent performance and outcomes
  • The proper methods and process to handle employee performance issues
  • Delegating tasks and empowering your team to take control
  • Developing specific guidelines for individual and team success
  • How to create incentives and rewards that enhance employees’ willingness to succeed and improve
  • Know when to use and not use various styles of leadership and communications methods
  • Set up employee levels and structure that encourages talent development and self-improvement
  • Understand the specific wants, expectations and desires of newer/younger employees entering the workforce and how it impacts your business
  • How to reduce on the job stress personally and for your work team

Frank also spends a few minutes sharing his methods on how to get the most out of the Nightclub & Bar Show by defining and focusing your efforts on personal and business objectives, while still having the best time ever!

WK 2: Take Back Your Budget & Profitability: The Key to Controlling Food, Beverage & Labor Costs

David Scott Peters - Industry Expert & Coach,
Monday 10/19 8:30AM-11:30AM Click here

Most bar owners use their “gut” to budget instead of real numbers, but it’s not enough. Your food & beverage budget is a guide to success. It points you to profitability. David Scott Peters’ action-packed workshop teaches how to build a budget the right way and gives you the tools to maximize your profits by focusing on the most-controllable number in any bar or restaurant. Join this workshop to learn:

  • How to identify profit-robbing mistakes in your kitchen
  • How to stop your employees from stealing from you
  • How to save 2-7% while buying the same groceries you always have
  • How not to throw your profits away to stupid luck

WK 3: COVID-19 Business: The Systems for Beating the Odds in the Bar Business

Sean Finter - Founder & President, Barmetrix
Monday 10/19 8:30AM-11:30AM Click here

It is said that over 60% of bars & restaurants close within five years of opening – daunting, right? Guts and grit aren’t enough for the recipe for success; operators need a systematic approach to avoid being a failure statistic. Sought-after hospitality coach Sean Finter is someone who did it himself and has worked with over 7,000 hospitality teams in award-winning bars around the world. In this information-packed workshop, Sean explains:

  • The single piece of paper at the core of bars that outperform the market by 5x
  • Making your entire organization financially literate: from basic construct of costing, hidden profit killers and forecasting
  • Creating a healthy work/life culture to attract and keep "A Players" from around the country
  • The importance of having coaches, consultants and mentors to springboard your career forward
  • How to drive profits by focusing on the 20% of the time your bar is pulling 80% of its revenue

WK 4: Boost Your Tabs, Tips & Profits with the Seven Ways Successful Teams Sell

Bob Brown - President, Bob Brown Service Solutions
Monday 10/19 8:30AM-11:30AM Click here

​​​​Bob Brown’s interactive session leaves you with powerful takeaways to ignite your team to drive sales and enhance the guest experience. He demonstrates how to get your front of house staff to:

  • Stop asking and start suggesting
  • Give guided tours of their menus
  • Build powerful word pictures that sell
  • Use storytelling to delight, entertain and educate
  • Leverage group beverages, the meal plan, desserts and after-dinner drinks to create permission buying
  • Use the ‘By the Way’ to explain benefits, answer objections and upsell without being pushy
  • Use the power of the senses to create impulse buying


WK 5: Break the Marketing Machine

Donald Burns - The Restaurant Coach, Off The Range Ventures, LLC
Andrew Freeman - Founder, af&co.
Candace MacDonald - Managing Director of Consulting Services, af&co.
Monday 10/19 8:30AM-11:30AM Click here

Fundamentally, your restaurant and bar marketing is flawed. You focus on the wrong things or still use outdated methods seeking to drive business to your restaurant or bar. That is the definition of insanity! It’s time to stop the madness by breaking the old patterns and rules of marketing! This three-hour interactive workshop gives you the plan to turn your marketing upside down. We break it down into three steps:

  • What - looking at current trends and the future of restaurant and bar marketing.
  • Why - how to craft a winning brand story to dominate your competition and get your team onboard!
  • How - through case studies and a “Shark Tank Exercise,” we give you the roadmap to make it happen in your business.

WK 6: F&B Innovation Workshop: Menu Analysis & Design Strategies

Chef Brian Duffy - Founder, Duffified Experience Group
Wednesday 10/21 9:00AM-12:00PM Click here

Led by Chef Brian Duffy, this interactive workshop shows operators and chefs the latest in food innovation’s best practices. Chef Duffy goes through the culinary technologies, equipment, the processes and the culture needed to bring your operation’s success to the next level. Chef Duffy also walks through real menus from workshop participants on ways to improve their food offerings and kitchen operations. Bring your questions and your challenges, Chef Duffy's new Food Network show, Opening Night, has and continues to help hundreds of operators across the country open venues. Benefit from real and upfront assessments and learn from the hurdles that most of us have seen but aren't quite sure how to handle. This is a workshop you do not want to miss!