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In keeping pace with industry trends and transformations, we're introducing Bar & Restaurant, the go to resource for owners and operators living and breathing the bar and restaurant industry. This dynamic and engaging web-based marketplace is more than a publication, Bar & Restaurant consists of an integrated website, newsletters, multiple social media channels, and Nightclub & Bar Show to bring together and educate owners and operators to easily find new and affordable solutions that will increase efficiencies.

Stay tuned as Bar & Restaurant sets the stage for 2020 with big moves, including a revolutionary digital platform!

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Influence our Audience is the bar industry authority where bar owners, operators, chefs and mixologists visit for news and trends.

Want to find new customer prospects each month of the year?

Promote your products to the largest audience of bar and restaurant buyers with over 1 Million visits per year.

Directly reach bar and restaurant owners and operators throughout the world and help them grow their businesses and thrive. The tools operators need to open their doors and keep them open live on our website: informative editorial coverage, trend analysis, product showcases, special features, and so much more.

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With over 5 decades of combined experience working and consulting in the bar and restaurant industry, Chef Brian Duffy and Michael Tipps reinvent businesses with untapped potential. “We are not about yelling, firing or talking down to the owners, operators, management and staff to get ratings—we are about increasing hospitality acumen to drive better outcomes.” Tipps & Duffy

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Bar Survival Guide Series
Open the door to new leads

Exclusive! The Bar Survival Guide Series will begin September 2019 through March 2020 with a presence onsite at Nightclub & Bar Show, America’s largest bar expo. Sample of unique topics include: Creating a marketing plan, profit metrics, expansion strategies and bar themes.

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Put Your Products Centerstage with

We pick 5-10 topics and create a weekly blog/video based landing page with a spotlight on your product! Picture your product, for example, as “Mix Master of the Week” where we highlight a bartender making awesome drinks with your product and promote to thousands of bar owners, operators, managers, chefs and mixologists.

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